Importance Of Promoting Mental Health In Schools

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Social-Emotional learning (theme of supporting learners)


Mental health is a state of social and emotional wellbeing in which a person can realize his abilities, engage in learning, cope with the normal stresses of life, and make a contribution to their community. Although it is often overlooked, mentalhealth is as important to a person’s well-being as their physical health, particularly during the turbulent years of adolescence.Schools are increasingly seen as places for promoting good mental health through social-emotional education.
Mental health plays an important role in the total educational process for our children and staff. In school, mental health professionals
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Schools are responsible forteaching academics and also for promoting the mental health of students. School mental health services promote the psychological health of all students, providing protective support to students at risk and supporting educational environments that allow students to cope with challenges and problems.
Strategies we (TVS school) use to promote the mental health of students in school
 Individual counselling
 Group counselling
 Value Education class
 Life skill class
 Action research on student need or school need
 Assessments
 Career development
 Home visit on need basis
 Value camp for students
 Learning difficulties (with help of special educators )
 Health (Eye, physical )checkup by PHC
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For these students, it is imperative that educators be aware of the warning signs of mental health difficulties and of the resources they can
Call on for consultation and support.
Mental health is not only the absence of psychological or behavior problems, but the presence of
Wellness or psychological health. For example, self-esteem, self-acceptance, resiliency, and effective coping skills contribute to mental health and good behavior in students. While families provide the primary support for developing children’s mental health, schools play an important role working with students and families.
Parents or home play a dominant role in educating a child. “Mother is the first teacher and Home is the first school”. The minds of children develop through the process of Non-formal education at home. Parents play a great role in moulding the child’s character. The mother and father are the first examples of social behavior that children see before them and learn to imitate. The parents should set their children to go on the right path from their early years. The parents must train their children to be good, to do Good and to see Good. Parents must guide their children to become practical
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