Importance Of Social Ethics In Early Childhood

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The society is facing the crisis of youth character and the crisis extends beyond nationality, gender, social status, culture and religion. Youth cheating, lying, shoplifting and all other involvement in crimes is uprising today. Despite of all the attempts made by the government to make the country better by preventing the young generation to take the same steps as what the elder people of today are doing, the Philippine society is still experiencing various problem and conflicts. To overcome these various problems, there is a need for societies to inculcate social ethics to children at their very young age. Thus, teaching Social Ethics to children may positively affect their upbringing. Ethics is a branch of the philosophical discipline that concerns itself with the whole question of right, wrong, good and bad and its consequences. Ethics is present in all places and in all humans (Gyekye, 2010). Ethics influences conduct. It does not just tell us what the good life is but more significantly, how to lead such a life. It attempts to critically and systematically assess or evaluate the morality of human conduct as to whether they conform to certain moral standards or principle. It is prescriptive in a way that it tells us what to do and not do according to certain moral standards or principles. These moral standards or principles serves as a practical guide in the conduct of ones concrete life. They help man to live a good life, to be a good person. Social Ethical Skills

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