Social Ethics Essay

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The society is facing the crisis of youth character and the crisis extends beyond nationality, gender, social status, culture and religion. Youth cheating, lying, shoplifting and all other involvement in crimes is uprising today. Despite of all the attempts made by the government to make the country better by preventing the young generation to take the same steps as what the elder people of today are doing, the Philippine society is still experiencing various problem and conflicts. To overcome these various problems, there is a need for societies to inculcate social ethics to children at their very young age. Thus, teaching Social Ethics to children may positively affect their upbringing.
Ethics is a branch of the philosophical discipline
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There are several effective practices on how to educate children about ethics in their early childhood. (1) A parent or guardian should firmly identify his/her moral convictions. Parents that clearly knows what are their moral convictions are potential in raising upright kids (Dr. Michele Borba, 2016). It is important to define the moral beliefs that seems to be important for children to learn. While every mothers and fathers wants their children to be ethically skilled as possible like being kind, respectful, honest, and responsible, children may find it confusing to understand the significance of learning these values. Children tend to gain more influence from their parent’s moral…show more content…
Michele Borba, 2016). Through encouragements to a child to stand for what is right and allowing him to speak up his own opinion, he will be able to be insusceptible to the influences of peer pressure at an early age. It takes great moral strength in order to fight against peer pressure and to stand for what is your moral belief. That is why it is also important that children knows how to assert to certain situations to be able to take the right stand when he/she is facing certain moral
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