Importance Of Social Life In University

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In today’s society, academic qualifications obtained from university is important. It is important to socialize and meet new friends during the university life as I personally think that the social communications and academic qualifications are equally important. Socialization, maintaining good relationships between friends and having a strong sense of connectedness to others are also very important in university life. Online chatting, hanging out with friends during free time, joining a club, are all examples of socialization because these activities can reduce the sense of loneliness instead of promoting a sense of safety, belonging and enjoyment. According to the research of University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, (1995), the students who involve themselves in social activities actually can deal better with their academics than those students who always spend their time in a room. Therefore, it is important to have a social life in university due to several reasons.

One of the importance of having a social life in university is to relieve the stress which usually comes from all side. As we all know, university may be the most stressful times of your life because you have to worry about your future, and strive to read in order to cope with examinations, completing assignments on time, do your best in the tests and quizzes. Everyone needs to find the right pipeline to relief stress. When there is too much of stress, it will affect a person 's mood, emotion, and difficult to
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