Importance Of Social Marketing In India

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The term, ‘social marketing was first used in the article titled, ‘Social Marketing: An approach to planned social change’ by Kotler and Zaltman in 1971 that was published in the Journal of Marketing. Some of the research activities carried out by marketing scholars prior to 1971were considered as social marketing research only after 1971. Today, social marketing is developed as a full fledged discipline in the area of marketing, established and proved by the successful results in some countries and emerging as a fast growing discipline in various other countries. It is more appropriate in a country like India, where diverse cultures complicating the communication to reach the nation in a right spirit. Many marketing professors who dived into the depth of the subject brought out the core issues with all evidences from systematic research that answered all the carping and caviling. Sally Dibb (2014) in his article, “Up, up and away: Social Marketing breaks free” made the subject cleared in three themes, one, legitimacy of social marketing as an independent subject, second, breadth and depth of the subject to social change, and the third, its relationship with the mainstream marketing.
In India, Social Marketing has not yet seen the light of the day as it is shining and reaping in the developed countries like USA, UK, Newzealand, Australia etc. In fact social marketing is more pertinent to India in

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