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There are many definitions emerged in line with the development of social marketing as a discipline by itself and also the fruitful results of the application of the projects that contributed for the growth of the nations. Social Marketing definitions were evolved from three perspectives viz., 1. It is a method in the area of public health management and environmental issues. 2. It is an application of marketing concepts and tools for individual behavior change. 3. Academic and institutional vitality and establishment of centres of social marketing research and application. Social Marketing involves meticulous and effective planning, efficient execution and application of marketing tools with an intention to bring in social change through…show more content…
Social marketing can be applied to health related causes, marketing of cities and places and can also be applied to people (Kotler and Levy, 1969). Social marketing is related to HIV/AIDS, contagious diseases like malaria, and also family planning, maternity and child health (Chapman et al (2005). Social marketing is an emerging discipline to improve the health products and health related services (Manoff 1985), worked out in the area of public health, and applied social marketing research in public health (Craig Lefebvre and June Flora, 1988). In developing economies, social marketing is used for the promotion of health related services and products (Harvey, 1999). Social marketing is an application of marketing principles and techniques to a change that is related to public health, injury prevention (Smith, 2006) and to adopt a particular behaviour in the area of health or well-being of the society (Nedra Wenreich, 2011), to give a solution to the health and other social problems that brings positive social change (Sally Dibb (2014). It is evident that health and wellness sector has been the primary beneficiary of social marketing (Wasan and Tripathi (2015). The…show more content…
Nancy R. Lee, Michael L. Rothschild, and Bill Smith (2011) in a declaration of social marketing’s unique principles and distinctions defined, “Social Marketing is a process that uses marketing principles and techniques to influence target audience behaviors that will benefit society as well as the individual. This strategically oriented discipline relies on creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have positive value for individuals, clients, partners, and society at large”. Lazer and Kelly, (1973) defined the discipline as, “Social Marketing is concerned with the application of marketing knowledge, concepts, techniques to enhance social as well as economic ends. It is also concerned with analysis of the social consequence of marketing policies, decisions and

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