Importance Of Social Media Accessibility

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Social Network Accessibility and Issues: A survey

Social network sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.) are becoming very popular day by day. People are using social network to communicate with each other, share their views on different issues, upload photos and videos, instant messaging etc. The social networks are also becoming a favourite medium of communication to the people with disability. But there are so many issues regarding the accessibility of social network. Especially for the blind people the accessibility of social network are need to be improve a lot. Using a screen reader it has difficulty to navigate due to lack of headers, few keyboard shortcuts, no alternate text for images, poor colour contrast, and videos without closed caption.

Popular social network sites like Facebook and Twitter allow users to post short status messages and to view and reply to their contacts’ posts. The use of social network make the people with disability less isolated. So, this is, one of the way they can communicate with other people. As the internet is growing and becoming faster, it consists more numbers of multimedia contents. So, the Internet for the people with visual disabilities have a limited accessibility. The population of visually impaired users are growing day by day. And the use of social network by visually impaired users are also growing rapidly. But still there is accessibility for the visually impaired users are not at
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