Importance Of Social Media In Business Marketing

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Social media has been a part of people’s lives for several years. It has made communication easier and convenient for society today. The number of people who use social media continue to increase, and they have become more dependent on it. Using social media to market a business has become essential to the success of brands, products, and companies. Ciprian Pavel’s scholarly article, “The Growing Importance of Social Media in Business Marketing”, is about the beneficial purposes of social media when it comes to business marketing. It was written last June 2015. The author of the scholarly article, received a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in marketing last 2010, has written many theses, is an author and co-author of various books and articles,…show more content…
First, the author explained how social media affects the business. Most companies use social media for brand communications. Companies also use online platforms to promote themselves and recruit new employees. Since social media is a direct way for the company to interact with people, it will be easier to advertise products, and broadcast information related to employment. Second, the author illustrated how frequently companies use social media as a marketing tool. Using statistics, it was inferred that many companies were investing in daily social media promotion. In fact, another research shows that these daily posts can increase the annual revenue of a company. Furthermore, research also shows that many managers notice the advantageous prospects of social media, and use this opportunity for the prosperity of businesses. Lastly, the author enumerated the advantages and benefits of using social media as a marketing tool. The advantages of using social media includes inexpensive marketing, brand-effectiveness, easy customer acquisition, direct customer interaction, and increase of sales and leads. Inexpensive marketing through social media allows the company to save money, time, and effort. It also gives businesses more exposure. Branding can…show more content…
It is cost-efficient by means of saving money, time, and effort to reach many audiences. It can also increase sales and profits since online advertisements attracts more customers. From one’s point of view, the author’s scholarly article is agreeable. In contemporary times, social media has become an essential resource for companies trying to market their product or service. With the speed of social media advertisements and its availability to many people, it is considerably one of the most effective ways of marketing. In conclusion, the article is confusing because of the inconsistent patterns, and generalization of ideas. To have more people be engaged to the article, it needs to be precise and consistent. The scholarly article is relevant, and it could help many businesses when it comes to

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