Importance Of Social Media In Class

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Although social media plays a key role in today’s society, schools should not allow social media to be used in class because social media distracts students from work, makes the anxiety and depression felt during teen hood come earlier than it should, and opens the doors for cyber bullying. Schools should not allow social media in class because it is an unintended distraction from the happenings in class. Despite the work and happenings in class, students are often distracted by social media and the posting their friends are doing. Using social media in class also makes students hurry through their work, or not do it at all, just so they can get a little social media time. Social media can also be an excuse to fool around in class or yell across the room at or after a friends post. As a result, they disrupt the learning environment around them by distracting their peers from work as well. Furthermore, they could get themselves, and friends, in trouble for being a distraction to those around them. Teachers and instructors should make sure students don’t abuse social media in class. When kids are allowed to have social media in class they might be distracted from work and therefore distract others as well. However, social media can be useful if the need arises for a use in class, for instance, getting bonus points or showing school spirit. Therefore, in spite of this helpful tidbit, social media is still a distraction that diverts students from what’s happening around them,
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