Importance Of Social Media In Education

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SOCIAL MEDIA INFUSED EDUCATION FOR EFFECTIVE LEARNING. INFUSION OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND EDUCATION Abstract The advancement in technology brought a drastic change in the field of communication by helping users to be both receivers and the creators of content at same time with the help of Social media, derived from the social software movement. The interactive, participatory, and open nature of social networking technologies presents a number of opportunities for learning and innovation. Social Media Services are already facilitating unprecedented innovative educational practices that centre on collaboration and information sharing. One of the key established advantages of social media is in facilitating peer learning and emphasizing the importance…show more content…
As Scott and Jacka (2011) argue, there is no single recognized definition of social media. From an instrumental aspect Social media, derived from the social software movement can be defined as technologies which are emerged as zones for sharing of information, collaboration, and formation of community and extension among organizations, communities, and individuals (Suter, Alexander, & Kaplan, 2005). Social media, comparing to traditional media, allows people to actively engage in a communication process not only as information receivers but also as message creators. The online applications are designed to facilitate information sharing, knowledge distribution, and opinion exchanges. Types of Social Media Social media includes a diversity of applications with different core functions and structures Social media categorizations are guided by utility; where different forms, provide different functionality and capabilities to both the creator and the audience. The various types of social media are as follows:- Social Network Sites…show more content…
Contents are easily shared by a networked group with a tag to the content. Flickr, YouTube, and are widely known content communities for photos, videos, and bookmarks, respectively. Social Media, through its variety of application wikis, social networks, YouTube, messengers, blogs, virtual world, Skype, file and slides sharing; users’ needs are continually met. Additionally, most of these services are freely available to those with online access. Characteristics of Social Media After having seen the various social media platforms it is understood that social media is a generic term covering different online platforms with various attributes, communication formats, and sociability functions. There are certain characteristics that all social media disparate technologies fundamentally share. Identified five specific characteristics that underline the operations of all social media. These characteristics of social media can be summarized by the 5 C’s (Friedman and Friedman 2008): communication, collaboration, community, creativity, and

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