Informative Role Of Social Media In Health Care Providers

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Social Media and health care providers The present era is the era of technology and socialization. The social media has changed all the dimensions of life. People are getting information through the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. The social media is playing an informative role in health care services and professions. Today, the health care organizations and professionals are using the social media to interact with people online. They post their researches in the form of different blogs related to the different health issues and the methods of prevention. The use of social media in health care profession and organizations has changed the ways of listening to the people. The listening to the patient history precisely…show more content…
They also post about the facilities of the hospitals, their treatment criteria for the patients. Beside this they also post about the recent researches on disease and their level of severity. The social media also help medical students in easy access for the learning of online case histories. One of the examples is the YouTube, from where the students can get the information about the relevant topic. Beside the cure of disease, the social media also helps health professionals to let people know about the new medicines and their side effects on health. By the introduction of social media in health care organizations, hospitals, the health care providers, professionals, physicians and doctors are getting connected with each other and sharing their researches, findings about the health and medical issues and finding the new ways for the issues by sharing and relating their ideas with each other on a unanimous platform. Hospitals in the U.K and U.S have been using social media technologies in an innovative way. In March 2009, the Henry health care system’s physician used social media to educate the medical students by answering the queries of more than 1900 on Twitter,…show more content…
Search engines and social media are two most commonly used ways for seeking the information. Globally the health care organizations and professionals are already using the social media to connect with patients and clients. The different countries doctors and health care providers are interacting with each other through this social media. The use of social media in health care organizations has dramatically changed the ways of communication. Globally speaking, there are online health care clinic websites, including the one of the most famous is Mayo clinic. It contains the online information about the medical and health related issues. The social media has the best hope for better outcomes in health related issues, by enabling the fast and broad medical information. The social media has provided the easy access to the people for seeking information about health concerns. The use of social media has increased the way of sharing information among people suffering from same disorder and they can help each other. The online Mayo clinic provides easy access to the people by logging into the blog. They can ask any questions related to any health issue. In July 2010, Mayo clinic launched the Mayo clinic center for social media. The site includes a blog, resources for people to seeking the use of social media in health care information. Beside the Mayo clinic, there are

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