Importance Of Social Media In The Caribbean Society

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An Assignment
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SOCI-119-01 Principles of Sociology


Mr. Balfour David


Jumilia Hannibal
Student Id #2015070011

28th October 2015


Social media is it really a useful servant or just a dangerous master that is controlling mankind? For some, will say it’s just a useful servant but I stand on saying that social media is a dangerous master that is controlling mankind. How the medium through which people participate has, receive and share messages, images and creativity have effect on the Caribbean society? The three most popular social networks that is mostly used in our CARICOM society is no other than our beloved Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, the heart of the body that is just keeping one alive. Though there are many people who agree that there is absolutely no way that social media is affecting the true meaning of communication skills which includes the use of the body to emphasize on how much someone is feeling so one can react to suit but no, it is only helping us to communicate with ease. Social media is clearly contributing negatively on our social interaction by simply making a big impact on today 's youths and Tourists that comes to our Caribbean islands.
Firstly, the negative impact that social media is having on the youths in the CARICOM is education. Excessive time that is
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Social media will only continue to be a dangerous and deceiving master that is going to keep controlling the way man think. It has truly proven itself to be that negative impact on social interaction within the Caribbean society. Our social interaction has loose its true meaning and made major impact on today 's youth that is so caught up in the social media world. According to Albert Einstein,” I will fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.” But that day is already
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