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RESPONSE WRITING ON IS SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY A SHAM FOR MEDIA? By Dr. Prabhanjan Kumar Yadav Social media effects our community in various ways. I think this effects can be a threat to the citizens. That 's why, I especially choose this document to make things clear. This document tells us how corrupted media can be in our society. It made me question my ethical opinions about journalizm. It also taugth me what "sensationalizm" is. Writer talks a lot about his country, India. I don 't know much about the India. However, some facts about this country seems very familiar to me. In the distant past, traditional media had a very simple structure. Almost no comments or personal opinion were included in the content. However, with advent of the…show more content…
But, what exactly are we talking about? There is several areas where ethics should be considered. First, writer explains what sensationalizm is. "Was it news at all?" He asks. Privacy of people 's lives should not be considered as news. Or insignificant observations about future. What does it provide? Entertainment? Now I think like the writer. It is not news anymore. It is just unethical gossip! Moreover, we should filter what our children see on the news. What if they learn something related to violance. I don 't want to refute my thesis. But, apart from adults, children are always tend to do what they see and hear. So, we should be extremely selective about what we show to them. I would consider this action as an ethical responsibility of mine. What about media? Are they trying to fulfill their responsibilites? Writer compares his country with western nations ' media channels. I think he has a accurate point, since western media is ahead of the other media organizations in terms of education and entertainment. In my country media doesn 't even care about our ethical values. As the writer states, commercials doesn 't consider our cultural values. Yet again, I agree with the writer. As a result, despite having a simple structure, I liked the core ideas of the document. Ethical values is such a complicated thing to think about. Because, it changes constantly. In fact, that makes it also an interesting topic to think about. Media should change their ways. If not, they will continue to poison their society

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