Importance Of Social Media

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By Dr. Prabhanjan Kumar Yadav Social media effects our community in various ways. I think this effects can be a threat to the citizens. That 's why, I especially choose this document to make things clear. This document tells us how corrupted media can be in our society. It made me question my ethical opinions about journalizm. It also taugth me what "sensationalizm" is. Writer talks a lot about his country, India. I don 't know much about the India. However, some facts about this country seems very familiar to me. In the distant past, traditional media had a very simple structure. Almost no comments or personal opinion were included in the content. However, with advent of the social media, traditional media has changed drastically. New concerns emerged out of nowhere. Such as, sensationalizm and commercial news as stated in the document. Most importantly, people had to create new ethical rules for the media. Speaking of ethics, I never thought of who sets the ethic principles in media. Documentary states that, it is us who sets those rules. But, wouldn 't it create confusion among the people? Document explains two theories of media ethics; One is about "Authoritarian Threory." Which is definitely wrong in many ways. The other, is the "Social Responsibility Theory." Obviously, this one is the most fitting for our community. It encourages media to be objective and truthful. All of these ethical views
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