Essay On Online Social Networking

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TABLE OF CONTENT: Introduction of online social networking Background on online social networking Characteristics of online social networking Importance of online social networking INTRODUCTION OF THE ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING It is not a secret that we now live in a world that works along with technology. Therefore it is undoubtedly true that online social networking is one of the important parts of our life. According to Marshall McLuhan, “All media work us over completely”, which means that we are all under the influence or rather under the control of this new phenomenon in terms of technology. The online social networking can generally described as a medium through which people can connect or interact with other…show more content…
Unlike ‘old’ networks focusing on only displaying information to people seeking information, such social networks give people the chance of expressing their emotional outburst to their dear ones, thus providing emotional security. In difficult times like for example the death of a relative, a divorce situation or a problem in the family or even happy occasions like the birth of a new baby or the news of getting a good job, people can easily share their pain and joy with their friends through social networks. IMPORTANCE OF ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING As analyzed above, there is indeed a large and exceptional variety of online social networking sites and many of them interlinked so as to allow better communication process and smooth passing-on of information. This ultimately eases the work of users who intend to reach many people at each other without having face-to-face contact. Therefore online social networking has become important in the lives of almost every people nowadays. And it is not hidden to anyone that this industry is going to exceed in terms of popularity and success in the
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