Importance Of Social Science Teaching

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1.1.1 According to CAPS(2011) Social Science is a very unique subject that is taught to children. It is made up of two sub-subjects i.e.history,which is the study of the past and geography,which is the study of the land. These two parts of Social Science teaches children to have an idea of their own worlds and to critically make them aware about their everyday lives. This subject emphasizes on learners being determined to question every detail of the subject to be on the good side and to solve difficulties,critically. History still contributes to how we live today. It creates observance of how valuable the South African Constituition is to these learners. It enforces the skill in learners to man up for themselves and to be self-governing. It…show more content…
An effective Social Science teacher must be of moderate temper,adapt reasonable ways of solving complex problems,free of bias and myths and must be innovative. The teacher needs to be a good leader in order to strengthen learners to find knowledge wholeheartedly. According to Mallick(2012) a social science teacher must have a huge amount of self-confidence and sufficient skills to pass on ideas to pupils. He/she must be truth loving,caring,have enough courage to stand up for the right things as well as step down for the wrong things and to be a hardworker and responsible. They need to be able to create a learning environment of good will and love. They should never get irritated on minor faults and have to have a high percentage of patience within them so that the learners are not in constant fear of them. They have to always be motivated and interactive and prove that they’re excellent role models. They should be able to accommodate all learners with really great teaching strategies and not restrict to learning in classrooms only. To be a good social science teacher,one must be passionate about the subject and integrate it along with other learning areas. For certain parts of social science ,teachers must have an eye for detail and belonging in class. They need to set rules and boundaries inorder to maintain…show more content…
If Nelson Mandela were still alive today,he would continue walking the long walk to freedom. He would continue to build the future that is yet to come,free of bias,disruption and corruption to have better lives. He would encourage the youth to take up jobs and provide these jobs for them,like for example build factories to make them industrialists ,roads for sweepers ,houses,clinics for nurses and doctors and a community of decency and honesty. He will chase after economic growth to reduce poverty conditions. He would reduce taxes to change around the value of the rand so that products and services become affordable for people of the country. He could build on the alliance with business people to invest in confidence and prevent low investment. Through measures like preferential procurement and the black industrialists programme,he will proceed a generation of feminists to become business women. He will enage with mining companies to improve the sector thereby creating employment. Not forgetting,he will also create business opportunities to the disabled. He could put actions in place to develop science and technology and also to combat

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