Why Is Social Status Important In The Great Gatsby

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Does social status really matters?
Social status, also called status, the relative rank that an individual holds, with attendant rights, duties, and lifestyle, in a social hierarchy based upon honour or prestige. Status may be ascribed—that is, assigned to individuals at birth without reference to any innate abilities—or achieved, requiring special qualities and gained through competition and individual effort. Ascribed status is typically based on sex, age, race, family relationships, or birth, while achieved status may be based on education, occupation, marital status, accomplishments, or other factors.
Well that is the definition of social status, but is that what for some people means? Social status do matter to some people, in some ways
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Scott Fitzgerald) was a short story writer and novelist considered one of the pre-eminent authors in the history of American literature due almost entirely to the enormous posthumous success of his third book, The Great Gatsby. Perhaps the quintessential American novel, as well as a definitive social history of the Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby has become required reading for virtually every American high school student and has had a transportive effect on generation after generation of readers. At the age of 24, the success of his first novel, This Side of Paradise, made Fitzgerald famous. One week later, he married the woman he loved and his muse, Zelda Sayre. However by the end of the 1920s Fitzgerald descended into drinking, and Zelda had a mental breakdown. Following the unsuccessful Tender Is the Night, Fitzgerald moved to Hollywood and became a scriptwriter. He died of a heart attack in 1940, at age 44, his final novel only half…show more content…
Fitzgerald was a great writer writer in the twentieth century but not many people saw that. His novels were not so well known at that time. They were not very sold and he was mortified to know that his writing was not enough at that time. Fitzgerald even joined the armed forces during the World War I , after he left and decided to dedicate himself to writing again. One of his best stories was "The Great Gatsby" that at the beginning did not sell much. He became a heavy drinker, he was an adicted to alcohol and suffered prolonged bouts of writer 's block. After two years lost to alcohol and depression, in 1937. But after his deceased his book was well recognized and it is a shame because he was not present to see and admire what he wanted so much. He did not care so much about fame but about seeing people enjoy his writing, to see that he was not bad at what he
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