Importance Of Socialization Of Education

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The public resumes the school as the only place where to the practice education. Education is more demanding than the socialization as the education focuses on abilities and aptitudes in the learning process. People will get the education. In every society important aims and procedures in education must be acted on. It is also socialization. Education aims not at the common believes and habits like socialization. Education focuses on individual thinking diversity and disposition.
On the other hand, there are stand and universal procedures like teaching, evaluating, and implementing the curriculum. More over these procedures are enough for socialization to occur. The system of examination act as a barrier to the creativity of the students. Some experienced teachers work for long time practicing the habit of taking casts assuming they have filed demands of the educational system. Actually, this is not the educational outcome. A successful child is normally socialized to the school system.
At present in education, there is more use of lecturing and memorization with little analysis of the importance of what is being memorized. Currently, in education, there is excessive use of lecturing and memorization, with little analysis of the importance of what is being memorized. Freire describes this situation as one in which the students are seen as containers into which knowledge can be deposited. The teacher is the depositor and the knowledge is that which is deposited on a daily
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