The Importance Of Socializing Your Puppy

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Chapter 3 – Socializing your puppy What does socialization mean? It means learning to become part of society. When we speak of socializing our puppies, it means assisting them to be comfortable as a pet involved within the society of human beings. This human society includes people of different types, environment, noises, sight, smells, different animals and other dogs. Socialization may not be a concept, but it is one of the most vital things you can do for your puppy. It is important to expose your puppy to positive things and let him know that the world of humans is safe and that there is nothing for him to fear about. Under-socialized dogs appear to be brittle and not flexible. They may respond to changes, but it is accompanied by fear.…show more content…
Once this stage has passed, they become extra cautious of something that they have not come across with. Between 12 and 18 weeks old, chances of making the puppies easily socialize may end. And as the weeks pass, it may seem harder for a puppy to learn, to accept and to enjoy something that he is not familiar with. After 18 weeks, it may be extremely difficult if not impossible for a dog to be taught on how to like something that is unfamiliar to him or something that frightens him. Why is socialization important for your puppy? Puppies who are well-socialized develop and grow up to be enjoyable, healthier and more relaxed dog. It is because they tend to behave without fear and more comfortable in different situations compared to puppies who are not socialized. Dogs who are comfortable and relaxed about cats, honking horns, crowded places and veterinary visits safer and easier to live with than those dogs who are not used to these situations. Socialization depends on how you expose your puppies to the environment, different experiences and situations. The more you expose him to these, the greater the chances are of puppies getting used to these and become
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