Can Society Function Without Respect Essay

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“Can Society Function Without Respect?” To me I fully disagree that society can function without respect because respect is what holds society together. Especially with respect there is optimism which in my opinion is showing positivity, care, or respect to someone. I like to focus on being optimistic, and I would like to think of myself as an optimist by talking to people, making them laugh, or just helping out. Staying on the topic the whole world would not be able to function because there is not one person on earth that does not need or deserve a little respect. Even some people don’t deserve as much respect than others, everyone still shows optimism in many different ways, some just being their selves. Most things in society even rely…show more content…
With optimism, it can fill in for respect in most ways, like looking at the positive at something or supporting something or someone. Optimism is better than respect not being respect, but better and helps in different ways of mental and social outcomes. Optimism still depends on a person’s opinions but doesn’t prioritize them as much as respect would. So, it still acts like a fill in for respect. So, on the bright side not all is lost without respect with optimism it can be better, and can help more than respect, having a better outlook on things can be good or with negativity it can balance it all out without respect. With all down, optimism can be a fill in respect and can be better than respect, that helps and supports more than respect. Now, everything changes depending on how or where respect goes out. Respect could go out in many different ways and at any time. One of this is that there never was respect and it never existed. If this happened, everything would be different, and we probably wouldn’t even be here at this time depending on how never respect having is. One other way things could happen is that respect could go out at a random time causing everything to fall randomly. With this happening anything could happen and with it the outcomes differ. With it all of the options and outcomes out of the way let’s
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