Importance Of Society Without Respect In Society

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Can Society Function without Respect? Society would not be able to function without respect in our world. Too many people in our world are cruel to others because of what they look like, what they like to do, the amount of money they have, or who they love. While people are actively being rude and dishonest to one another, we as humans constantly walk past each other and don’t take it to consideration how bad the situation really is. People don’t recognize the pain others go through when our community lacks respect. Our world needs to understand that respect is essential to our society, and the people in it. To begin with, the world lacks a lot of respect because of what people look like on the outside. In schools, kids are bullied for wearing certain clothing or jewelry. Teenagers start to go through puberty or have already started so they would start to have acne breakouts.This could lead to the children and teenagers being self conscious. In the community, we as humans walk past each other because they may not look a certain way. Only a few people are thoughtful enough to stop and take action to help somebody. There is a major lack in respect in the world when it comes to what people look like. Next, a lot of people are made fun of for what they like to do. No matter the age of the person, everyone is looked at differently for their interests. Our community is lacking to much respect in this area of our world. Teenagers and adults are the main reason for others

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