Importance Of Socio Economic Status In Education

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Construction of Socio-Economic Status Scale for Measuring Socio-Economic Status of Teaching Community -Dr. Veena Devi Trivedi,Oxford Girls College of Education,Uklana,Hisar,Haryana-125113
The International Dictionary of Education (1977) explains socio-economic status as a person 's position in any given group, society or culture as determined by wealth, occupation, education and social class where social class is the grouping of the people on a scale of prestige in a society according to their social status. It is determined by many factors such as occupation, income, moral standing, family history, social grouping and organization, type of schooling and area of residence. The commonly used available instruments for measurement of socio-economic status (SES) are old or outdated and have lost their relevance as income groups are changing. Therefore there is a need for the development of an instrument for measurement of SES of teaching community in India. This paper will explain the procedure adopted in construction of Socio-Economic Status Scale which will be helpful for teaching community.The various steps taken are explained in a very clear cut

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