Importance Of Sociological Imagination

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The sociological imagination is a way of thinking that allows one to see the invisible forces the influence us. It is important to consider the social forces that impact our lives because everyday we have to interact with people who may not have been raised in environments that are similar to the ones we’ve experienced. Fear stems from the unknown, if we understand that everyone has different life experiences it helps us begin to understand the unknown. When I started pharmacy school at least 50% of my class were not native citizens. They grow up with a culture that was very different from mine. For example when you ask them why they choose pharmacy most of them said that their parents did not accept the career path they choose until their parents found out that pharmacy is a doctorate program. Understanding that education was emphasized to a degree that I’ve never seen helped when I had to work with them for group projects. One of my classmates lied to his parents about an educational seminar just to go to california with his friends. This will help me in my field of study because people approach medicine very differently. I cannot help people unless I can begin to understand how and why they think the way they do. For example I visited an ambulatory care clinic that dealt with a lot of hispanic patients with high blood pressure and diabetes. Food is a big part of their culture, so the clinic had a nutritionist on staff the solely focused on taking traditional

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