Sociological Imagination Summary And Analysis

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The sociological imagination is a way of thinking that allows one to see the invisible forces the influence us. It is important to consider the social forces that impact our lives because everyday we have to interact with people who may not have been raised in environments that are similar to the ones we’ve experienced. Fear stems from the unknown, if we understand that everyone has different life experiences it helps us begin to understand the unknown. When I started pharmacy school at least 50% of my class were not native citizens. They grow up with a culture that was very different from mine. For example when you ask them why they choose pharmacy most of them said that their parents did not accept the career path they choose until…show more content…
Two of them were from Africa. One day after I finished cooking my roommate from Cameroon, Bernard, came into the kitchen and told me that my American meal was so cute. He said in his country when they make meals they usually don’t separate their meat from their vegetables and starches. They cook everything together. The entire household had a huge debate over food. Bernard and Demi, my roommate from Nigeria, said that American food had no color. They told us that our food taste like it was flavored with water. They ate stuff like pounded yam, which looks exactly like mash potatoes, and jollof rice. When ever Bernard would cook chicken he would use every seasoning in the cabante, and Demi couldn’t cook so he relied on ubereats heavily. Since Demi didn’t cook he didn’t have a set menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Bernard would drink this drink of malta powder any time he didn’t have time for a proper meal, and he was in medical school so that was all the time. My roommate Jessica, who’s American, ate lots of prepackaged foods, with high sugar and sodium content. Where I ate things that were fresh. So none of my vegetables were frozen, and my potatoes never came from a box. I think these differences stem from where we grew up. Demi comes from a patriarchy; his mom and his sister did all the cooking and cleaning, so he never learned. Jessica grew up in an area that was a food desert,…show more content…
To make jollof rice you must first start with parboiled rice. Out here the only place we might find parboiled rice is Jungle Jim’s, but in DC there is a very diverse population. Parboiled rice can be found in almost any local grocery store. This would be an example of globalization, because this type of rice has crossed continents. I had classmates from many different African continents who all have a different version of jollof rice. This is glocalization, because the same dish is slightly changes for the different local cultures. We even had a jollof cook

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