Importance Of Soil Mechanics

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A Clean Look at Soil Mechanics
Soils are basically unconsolidated layers that cover the earth’s surface. Soils consist of particles of varying shapes and sizes formed after parent rock are subjected to and broken down by forces of climate, organisms and chemicals over time.
Soils mechanics refers to the art of applying the mechanics of solids to the soil to predict its deformation behavior and strength. Understanding soil mechanics enables engineers and other professionals to create structures with soil and appreciate its interaction with other structures built on it. For civil engineers soil plays a big part on whatever construction they are involved in. The article below will discuss the importance of soil mechanics for civil engineers.
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For large urban areas and cities, this can mean digging and tunneling through miles and miles of heterogeneous soil in order to be able to reach the millions of houses that make up the city. The need for understanding soil mechanics in such civil engineering works is even more pronounced for such underground projects. Being able to predict how the soil will behave and affect an underground pipeline or a subway is important so that the completed project is able to withstand the conditions underground and serve its…show more content…
The process of extracting this resources usually involves digging up and excavating soil. During excavation one is bound to notice that, soil can greatly vary depending on the depth and breadth even within a small region. Having a deep understanding of the different kinds of soils and how they behave is therefore important in such excavation activities. Soil mechanics can help an engineer anticipate areas that may cave in or cause landslides during the resource extraction and come up with appropriate ways of preventing such disastrous incidents. Soil mechanics can also help civil engineers and geologist working on excavation sites identify areas with better prospects e.g. of getting more copper hence redirect the excavation activity as necessary.
Soil mechanics is definitely a very important issue whether for civil engineering purposes. Today more research is being carried out in the filed aided by better technology and new information is being discovered that will improve our knowledge in the above discipline. Being a broad subject, the above article has only highlighted some of the important benefits to civil engineers of soil mechanics and all readers interested in finding out more can reference more resources

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