Importance Of Solar Energy Essay

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Solar Energy Consumption in Tomorrow World
H.V.V. Priyadarshana – 120497V
Department of Electrical Engineering , University of Moratuwa , Sri Lanka

Abstract— Solar energy consumption and solar power generation has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years due to both technological improvements resulting in cost reductions and government policies supportive of renewable energy development and utili-zation around the world. When considering the devel-opments of the technologies with solar power genera-tion used in worldwide we can see that it has to over-come so many technical and financial goals [1]. The cost of solar energy is reduced rapidly in recent few years with the help of new researches. But when com-pared with the conventional energy it’s economically still high. But Solar power is a safe and clean and re-newable energy resource that will no doubt play a vital role in powering our future world.
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Solar energy means energy from the sun .It is the
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Those kind of systems take the heat of the sunlight directly to the system. For example let’s take drying some cloths in sunlight. What happens there is the system is getting heat and increasing temperature. But when considering an active system requires some special technology to absorb and collect solar radiation and then store that heat energy. So according to that definition, Solar thermal power plants are active systems and we can see different types of solar thermal power plants. There are a few basic similarities mirrors reflect and concentrate sunlight and receivers collect that solar energy and con-vert it into heat. After that by using a steam turbine operation that heat can then be used to produce electricity from this heat
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