Importance Of Sources Of Meaning In Life

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Sources of meaning in life and meaning-making Over the last several decades, various studies have been conducted in order to determine the diverse range of sources of meaning in life and their significance. For example, Battista and Almonda (1973) established six orientations of meaning, Ebersole (1998) identified eight, and O’Connor and Chamberlain (1996) defined a different six dimensions. The general consensus from the aforementioned and additional studies identify personal relationships, personal growth, creativity, achievement and success, freedom from hardship, altruism, seeking enjoyment, religion and holding a belief system and legacy as the strongest sources. Additionally, life events, an individual’s social involvement and engagement, one’s cultural environment and historical time all contribute to changes in sources of meaning and purpose in life as the individual progresses through life (Bar-Tur, Savaya & Prager, 2001). For example, among young adults, family relationships are a compelling source of meaning as examined by Lambert et al. (2010) in a series of five studies. This finding could be relevant for additional populations, such as children, however it is yet to be examined in a childhood context. One theory of meaning-making derived by Schnell (2011) from Reker and Wong (1988), involves the dimensions of density and diversity of the sources of meaning. Schnell (2011) established a clear positive relationship between the number of personally relevant
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