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Human beings are limited only by their imagination and our worlds are only restricted by the lengths we wish to go. Space has for long been regarded as the final frontier and space travel has for long been an idea of dreams. Recent scientific advancements have allowed us to transform this dream into a glorious reality and the toil and imagination of the ambitious has seen man put man in space. And given the state of the rapidly depleting resources on earth, space exploration may soon cease to be a luxury and may become a necessity for humanity to thrive and perhaps even to merely survive. Space exploration offers humans infinite possibilities by giving us a peek into the realms of the ethereal. The human thirst for knowledge and understanding…show more content…
Through space exploration, limits of our knowledge are stretched and our understanding of space are pushed which serve to satisfy the more curious.
Considering all the tangible and intangible benefits of space exploration, it would be fair to say that research that goes into space exploration can itself be thought of as a step towards sustainability. In the short term, investments that go into space study help in introducing more sustainable means to live life on earth. In the longer run, the dearth of resources on earth can perhaps be supplemented from outside. Colonisation of space may also be a possibility in the distant future.
Sustainable Space Exploration
Space exploration is expensive and has therefore borne the brunt of criticism from various parts. Despite their ubiquitous role in advancement of human life, space exploration methods need refinement to ensure they can be sustained to eventually sustain us. With this in mind, various sustainable space exploration methods have been conceptualised and radically implemented. Some examples of sustainability being introduced into space research are provided

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