Importance Of Speaking A Foreign Language

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(K.Mitra, 2006)At present, speaking a foreign language represents one of the essential requirements of today´s society. Besides other skills and knowledge, it is considered as one of the most influencing factors while applying for a job or sustaining in a particular work position under the condition of advancing the language level. English language is a necessity for everyone in general, mainly for the students. English conversation plays a crucial role in understanding each other and dealing with different kinds of uncovered problems. Being able to keep a fluent conversation with a native speaker is viewed as the main goal of this research and it also highlights the importance of speaking skills in a student´s point of view. Therefore, in this research study , four competitive skills of english teacher considered which might be helpful for English teachers and enhance their students´ communicative skills.
(Marc.j.Riemer, 2007)English learners no longer expect the traditional approach of their teachers based on developing mainly the grammatical competence and using methodology popular in the past. Today, teachers are expected to provide their students with useful active knowledge of the foreign language, not just theory but about the language. Communicative approach focuses on a balance between fluency and accuracy and is the most suitable for those students whose aim is to gain confidence in speaking and conversational abilities. Nevertheless, speaking in a foreign

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