Importance Of Speaking English

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Using the Hot Seat Game to Improve Students’ Speaking Skill at Senior High School

A. Background of problem Speaking is a fundamental part of human communication. In daily life, human being prefer to use speaking more than writing for communication. In learning foreign language such as learning English, speaking is one of the most skill that should be mastered. By mastering speaking English people will easy to communicate with other and easy to share their thingking. For mastering speaking english people should be find the enjoy method and make them fun to learn speaking english. Nowdays, learning speaking skill is still difficult for the student at junior high school. Generally students have several reasons why English langugfe is still difficult for them. Such as they have lack of vocabulary to explain their experience or knowledge, they have lack motivation to speak, and they have lack curriusity,and the atmosfer of the class does not encourage student speak English. First, students have lack of vocabulary to their experience or knowledge. Many students in Indonesia doesn’t like to remember or find new vocabullary to gain their knowlege because when they find it is difficult for them to pronounce or speak up the word. Although They still did’t find the enjoy strategy to remember the new vocabulary. Second, the students have lack of motivation to speak english up. Many students are

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