Body Movement Analysis

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Opening 1. Body Language • Eye Contact Eye contact is one of the most important part when presenting. Eye contact is used to keep audiences’ attention, also being used to make audiences feel respected. Eye contact needs to be natural and friendly. If we nervous when we look to someone’s eyes, just look at the “T” part of their face. • Body Movement Body movement is a part of non-verbal communication. It helps us to make audiences understand better what we are going to convey as well as helps to convey the messages with code / body movement to audiences so the messages conveyed more clearly and raises the similarity of meaning between us and audiences. So that happened a mutual understanding in the communication. • Posture The position of our…show more content…
Dealing with Nervousness • Prepare Well When we’re going to speak in public, we need to prepare ourselves as a speaker, materials to be conveyed, and how we deliver materials to audiences. It would be better if we use persuasive technique when speaking in public and pay attention to body movement, because it makes us and audiences have the same understanding to the topic. • Learn to Relax Learn to be a firm but relaxed speaker, so our audiences don’t feel bored with our event. As a speaker, we must have at least one special characteristic, so audiences can recognize us better every time we speak in public. • Check Out the Room Before the event starts and we become a speaker in an event, we must survey the room first. Surveys are important so that we can adjust the way we bring materials in the event in accordance with the room to create a conducive atmosphere. Such atmosphere is what makes the audience feel comfortable in the room and still eager to listen to the material that we convey. • Know Your…show more content…
It’s very necessary to avoid misunderstanding between us and audiences. For example, when we become a speaker in an elementary school, we better use their language level, because children won’t understand the message that we want to convey. Therefore, our job as a speaker is to recognize audiences to be successful in conveying our messages to them. • Concentrate on the message Concentrate on the message or information that we want to convey to audiences, don’t talk about things that shouldn’t be discussed. It’s okay to make some jokes so that the audience don’t get bored, but we should still concentrate on the message that we want to convey to the audience. Because, a successful speaker is a speaker who can convey the messages to the audience well and make the audience have the same meaning of understanding with the speaker. • Visualize success As a speaker, cultivate in ourselves that we can convey the messages to the audience well, make the event interesting, and make the audience have the same meaning of understanding with us. 3. Signposting • Explaining
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