Why English Is More Important Than Speaking Essay

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Speaking is the basic of human communication. As a teacher I believe that communication is more important than written communication. Even in our everyday life, we speak more that we write, yet many English teacher would prefer to focus on reading and writing practice rather than listening and speaking. We are putting too much weight on reading and writing and in the end it leads to unequally balance. Why do we as an English teacher emphasize too much on reading and writing? There are reasons why English teachers tend to focus on reading and writing instead of speaking and giving students less opportunities to speak in class. 1. Learning processes are focusing on passing exams. In our Malaysian Education, too much emphasizes is put on testing, assessing, and scoring. Teachers are force to teach students to pass their exams and finish the syllabus. Therefore more highlights are given on reading and writing practices rather than other language skills. 2. Time constraint Time allocations for English classes are limited and emit teachers to give opportunities to student to practice listening and speaking in class. In addition,…show more content…
Hence, teacher will find it difficult to carry on speaking activities in class. But if speaking activities we are carried out in the class, not all students will participate. The conversation usually dominates by certain group of students only. There will always be dominant students the class making it difficult for more reserved students to express themselves freely. Dominant students who interrupt frequently or who constantly look for the teacher's attention tend to create an environment where more timid students are quite happy to sit back and watch the lesson unfolding instead of

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