Importance Of Speech Processing

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Speech is a way of communication between the speaker and the human listeners. Speech is the signal that carries the message information. Speaker produces the speech signal in form of pressure waves generated by pushing inhaled air from the lungs through the vibrating vocal cords and vocal tract and out from the lips and nose airways. Evaluation of speech quality is of great importance at different nodes of communication system. Voice quality assessment becomes challenging task in the complex communication network. Speech quality can be estimated through subjective listening test or objective measurement methods. Objective quality can be evaluated using intrusive speech quality evaluation method or non-intrusive speech
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In the field of human language technologies and signal processing the speech or language processing is considered as an important technological area of research and development. In speech signal processing the speech recognition, processing and production of speech signal, speech quality assessment and speech coding or decoding are challenging field of research. Speech signal processing applications are major factor in human-machine interaction and offer many new and significant applications. The main research areas in this domain are speech recognition, speech quality assessment, speech synthesis and speech coding. The machine models are the mimic of human speech production system or human auditory system. In the distributed communication network transmitted speech is degraded by the channel noise or other kind of distortions. To maintain the quality of speech at different points of communication system the quality enhancement techniques are applied. Before applying the enhancement techniques the assessment of quality at different nodes is also required. In the literature of speech signal processing numbers of speech quality assessment methods are described. Overview of some quality assessment methods is given in this…show more content…
For subjective listening test different speech materials are played to the listeners and their opinions about the quality are recorded and averaged that is called mean opinion score-subjective listening quality (MOS-LQS) or subjective MOS. The subjective listening test is expensive, time consuming and not appropriate for automation. The subjective listening test is also divided into different categories. Reliability of subjective test depends upon the numbers of listeners. The minimum numbers of 16 listeners are required for

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