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A brief explanation of what speed reading is NOT Speed reading is not fast reading. Let me get started with that because, while this might sound like a plain and simple statement, it’s a critical one. Like I said at the outset of this chapter, understanding this semantic difference will help you understand the nuances associated with speed reading. Speed reading does not refer to the idea that you can just pick up a document or book and read it quickly. If one engaged merely in the practice of running their eyes over the words mentioned in the passage, chances are they will not pick up on anything of consequence – thus, fast reading is not a kind of reading that contributes to having productively spent time. In fact, I would argue that fast reading is not “reading” at all – no, it’s more like looking at patterns of ink presented to you, and clearly, that will not be enough in any environment. Speed reading is different than fast reading in the crucial aspect of comprehension. One of the main purposes of being able to speed read requires this additional layer of ‘understanding’,…show more content…
You’re working to be a better and a faster reader than the average person (this may include your current self!) by the end of this book. At the end of the day, you’re trying to reduce the amount of effort that needs to be put in to enjoy an output that you feel satisfied with. Note that this does not necessarily mean that speed reading is a passive activity that you can relax with. Speed reading is the exact opposite of passive – the active involvement that you have with speed reading will show how much of your reading you can understand. You already know that knowledge and understanding require participation from you. So yes, speed reading is about doing a little more work to be able to do a lot more work a whole lot quicker! A brief history of speed

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