Importance Of Speeding In A School Zone

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Topic: Why I should not speed in a school zone. Most obviously I should not speed in a school zone because it is against the law. More specifically and logically, I should not speed in a school zone because it endangers the life of walking children around me. Children across the street at Our Lady Queen Of Martyr’s walking to their parents care sometime have to cross the street. Well by my actions of speeding there is greater risk for me not paying attention and seeing a little boy or girl running, and I have the possibility of taking someone's life. Not only is it taking someone’s life, but it is taking the life of someone’s child. A tragedy that lawmakers long ago sat and pondered how to keep our children safe and prevent such loss to all affected parties. In addition to risking the lives of children there poses a great probability of accidents while speeding in a school zone. Parents picking up their children all at once equates to heavy congestion and standstills on the main streets where distracted drives could rear end stopped vehicles. Not that all drivers are distracted, but these days with smart phones and the constant need to be connected, high schoolers tend to me the most distracted drivers. Parents too can be distracted not looking forward and paying more…show more content…
As that responsibility weighs on me it is my duty to show fellow classmates and students that being cool is not speeding. I should be the one letting them know peer pressure is not important and that endangering children's lives is more important that some rotten friend. It is not cool to speed. I never and have and never will encourage my friends to speed especially in a school zone. Friends that put other friends in these awkward positions are not looking out for the my best interest. Thus they are not my friends if they do not make me a better person or neglect the safety and wellbeing of everyone around

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