Coach Expectations Influence An Athlete's Success

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Sports and physical activities generally are a major part of my life, and experience of various types of work has helped me to realise that this is where I would like to make my career, I’ve had an interest in coaching from watching and playing under youth team coaches and also first team coaches such as Coventry united Fc ,Coventry city Fc ,Chasetown fc, Luton town academy Fc and Strachan academy Fc I’ve been highly inspired by the work of the coach and staff at these teams, it helped me understand how coaches expectations influence an athlete’s success, at the beginning of any season, coaches are trying to get an idea of how each athlete can help the team succeed. They observe the number of factors, which seem to fall within 3 categories:…show more content…
It’s given me a huge to experience how the aspect of a professional world is in sports, I was lucky enough to be taken to St. Georges park and train with teams such as Nottingham, Mansfield town, Nuneaton and also platinum academy and be to be also coached by professional coaches such as Arsenal , Manchester united ,Luton town, Tottenham, Watford ,Wolverhampton and Rotherham and many more on a 2 week course as they were all undergoing their UEFA A and B Qualification assessment, While undertaking this Professional Pathway I have been given the opportunity to work with a range of clients. For example, the work I did in achieving my FA Level 1 Certificate in Coaching. Included in this four-week program were numerous planning and coaching sessions that I had to lead for a group of young people aged between 10 and 12, I was also required to produce a Football session with a group of young individuals of my own age, I would be given feedback at the end to observe how I would did during the session, once the session was over I was given relatively good feedback, during the session I was trying to look for key skills and techniques in a match that could improve a players ability and performance and benefit the participants in the future during the session ,I also conducted some fun session to also make the sessions more fun and enjoyable to get the participant more engaged and willingness to do
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