Importance Of Sports In Students Life

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College sports activities – necessary or a time waste ?
There is no doubt that sports play a vital role in individuals’ life especially in students’ life. A person who is involved in sports activities on daily basis is physically as well as mentally fit. In this fast paced era, students’ have very active schedule, so sports are only gift for them to relax their mind. Pupils ought to involve themselves in sports activities because sports are key to improved health and fitness. . Sports helps students’ to overcome in factors such as anxiety, tension, nervousness, and many more. Like education, sports also have bright future for individual.
Sports are very beneficial to build strong connections as sports gives chance to meet new people and make
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In sports such as cricket or football a leader or captain is only appreciated or blamed for results. Also, some of the players think that they are best, but they should think they depend on rest of the team. In some cases, students start taking drugs before playing sports for excellent performance, which has diverse effect on their health. Sports fulfill a student with a spirit of winning always, sometimes this spirit of winning spins into aggression. Moreover, participation in college sports club leads to busier schedule. As a result, they even not get time to sleep. A person makes his habit to work with team or someone, he/she is unable to do work on his own or independently.
In conclusion, it is true that sports have minor consequences on student’s life but, its advantages overweigh its disadvantages. So, students should involve themselves more and more in sports as they come to know about various skills. Students ought to take full advantage of sports team in the college. According to my perspective, sports are gift for the students as participating in sports makes a student physically as well as mentally fit and strong. Although, study is pivotal for students future carrier but they should also give some time to sports
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