Importance Of Sports Journalism

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Sports journalism is a form of writing that reports on sporting topics and competitions.
Sports journalism is an essential element of any news media organization. While the sports department within some newspapers has been mockingly called the toy department, because sports journalists do not concern themselves with the 'serious' topics covered by the news desk, sports coverage has grown in importance as sport has grown in wealth, power, and influence.
Since the 1990s, the growing importance of sport, its impact as a global business and the huge amounts of money involved in the staging of events such as the Olympic Games and football World Cups, has also attracted the attention of investigative journalists. The
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Sports Journalism is a form of specialisation with its own rules and conditions. Whether one is a sports writer, reporter or sub-editor, the basic principles of reporting remain the same. Within Sports Journalism, there are sub categories like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, etc. It is pleasant for the sports writer to be seated in the best seats and watching the match without paying any admission fee but he is unable to assume the carefree attitude of a fan. For him watching sporting event is an absorbing as well as a taxing affair. This does not mean that sports journalists do not enjoy their work. It means that they cannot display their enthusiasm to the game that the average sports lover…show more content…
While following live matches a reporter get to know about the game format and he/she can easily report about the game.
*Interviews of Sports-Persons: A reporter’s main job is to not just to follow the matches but also to follow the players who are a part of it. The players can also be interviewed about their game plans, personal life, social life, etc. just to hold the interest of viewers. Interview should be made by keeping a questionnaire ready such that there would be a set of questions prepared and while the time of interview the reporter should not face any problem.
*Experience written by Sports Person: Sometimes many players who are either retired or still playing write about their experience by publishing a book or talking to sports journalists. They share their life experience just to motivate the young players as well as to teach the youth. A reporter has a good opportunity while talking to a player just as he/she can easily dig out every information needed by the player.

#Conclusion-Sports Journalism at a
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