Importance Of Sports On Academic Performance

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Introduction What is the significance of sports to you? According to the Long-Term Athlete Development pathway of Baly, Way and Higgs (2013), as a sports zealot, it must be in the last stage “Active for Life”. It is the ideal stage that every sport developer likes to help people attain. In order to develop this progress, it should start doing with student. However, most of the decision are not made by them, it should be parents mainly. Unfortunately, the primary purpose among great majority parents is to help their children perform well in academic. Abisha and Vincent (2015) proposed that parents have a common faith that participating sports is being playful as wasting times for studies. However, the Sport for Development and Peace International Working Group (2009) denoted that sport have a positive influence on academic performance. When all is said and done, what is the relationship between participating sports and academic achievement? There are always numerous sides to every question. The pervious studies did not concluded in the same judgment. Studies suggested that sports participation positive outcome on academic achievement, - Scheuer and Mitchell (2004): “Enhanced brain function, energy levels, body builds/perceptions, self-esteem, and behavior have been attributed to physical activity and to improved academic performance.” - Dwyer (2001): "Consistently across age and sex groups, the academic ratings were significantly correlated with questionnaire measures
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