Importance Of Sports

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What is the Importance of sport ? many people seem not to know the answer. The importance of sport has raised very contreversial topic as many people have numerous different opions. I on the other hand believe that sport can lead to many positive oppourtunites and career paths such as them furthering on top represent their nation in the olympics or even playing for a club.

Sports has always provided sufficent entertainment for all but its not only thing that that is important about spectating sports. By spectating sports viewers can develop an intrest for the desired sport and a feel of what it would be like to be the shoes of the athlete this can further on to become the viewer having the will to want to take part aand participate in the specific sport which can become a huge commitment in the person life leaving them wanting to succed and become better by training and putting their life goals on becoming the best. However its not only the sport that influences the viewers passion its the athletes participating and how they are a natural to that playing field and how descisons that some may think twice about it automatic and drilled into their head and how they provided the upcoming generation with a perfect example leaving the to look up to them. Role Models do this by by portraying a perfect example of which they want to be seen and known as in order to gain respect and others to admire them and learn off them to help advance the viewers skills. Muhhamed Ali is the
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