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Spring Allergies And How To Naturally Treat Them

Spring is a time for enjoying picnics, spending time outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, but for many people it is a time of itching, sneezing and eye rubbing instead. This is due to allergies, which run rampant during the spring season and make life miserable for lots of people. The reason why allergies are so common during spring time is the amount of pollen that can be found in the air.

Flowers, trees and grasses thrive during spring, but in addition to making the landscape look beautiful also cause the air to be thick with pollen. Some people prefer to use over the counter medications to take care of their spring allergies, but there are more natural ways to cope with the issue as well.
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Get A Boost From Probiotics
Probiotics are great for boosting digestion, but can also help your immune system to cope better with allergies. Studies have shown that people who ate food containing probiotics or took probiotic supplements had a beneficial effect on their allergy symptoms ( It was also found to improve the health of kids with allergic rhinitis ( While further studies are needed for more conclusive results there is nothing to lose from taking
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During the peak allergy season it is usually better to close your doors and windows. Don’t forget to take your shoes off before you go inside either as this can help prevent pollen from spreading around the house. The same goes for any clothing articles you wore that might have come into contact with pollen. Keeping your air conditioning and furnace filters in good condition can also help to keep pollen and mold out of your home. Also keep an eye on your pets and don’t let them sleep in your bed as it is easy for them to carry around pollen in their

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