Importance Of Spring Festival

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Recently we learned a lot about Halloween, it is a day that all the people will dress up like a ghost or dead body to scare others. People will carve the pumpkins to a horrible face, and some children do “trick or treat” on Halloween. It is very interesting so adult and children all like it. There is also a very famous holiday that adult and children like equally in China, it is the Spring Festival. Spring Festival is the most important and famous holiday in China, all people like it. It is on traditional Chinese calendar which is on January 1st, so Spring Festival is a big festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year. All relatives should gather together on Spring Festival and have dinner. During the dinner, they can talk about many things about what happened in the past year and teasing each other. Adults are really enjoy the dinner because it is hard for…show more content…
First, children can receive red envelope on that day, so many children like that holiday. There is a tradition that adults should give children some money in the red envelope on the Spring Festival because they believe every year at Spring Festival, there will be a monster called Nian. It will eat people on the Chinese New Year, so adults should put some money in the red envelope and put it under the pillow of children’s. When Nian arrive, the money will shine. Nian afraid of light, so it will escape. As a result, Nian cannot hurt children. But now, adults don’t need to put the money under the pillow, they can just give the red envelope to the children. Children can use that money to buy everything they want. Secondly, many children like to set off the firecrackers during the Spring Festival. There are many kinds of firecrackers such as small stick firecrackers, a string of small firecrackers, fireworks and so on. The scene that all people set the firecrackers at 12 p.m. together are very beautiful and interesting so that children really enjoy

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