Reflection On St. Joseph's Academy

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St. Joseph’s Academy, an all-girls Catholic high school in Baton Rouge, LA. Freshman through Junior year I just thought of it as school. But after my first week of senior year, I learned that it was so much more! I learned that during bad times there will always be someone there to pick you back up. That is exactly what St. Joseph’s Academy did for me. St. Joseph’s Academy was where I was told I was going to go to high school. My sister, Madison, and my aunt Chelsea, went to the academy. My cousin, Carson, went to the boy’s school across the street, Catholic High School. I took the entrance exam to get into the school, I made it in! Every year, I was compared to my sister at school. I was never called my actual name, I was known as Madison or little Israel.…show more content…
I wanted to be called by my name not hers! I started to get an attitude with some teachers by not answering when they would call out Madison, knowing that they were talking to me. Freshman year I was at the bottom. Coming from a small school, I only knew six girls in my class. Every freshman is required to attend computer orientation. We got our computers for school and learned how to use Moodle and other basic software that we needed for classes. I wanted to quit after my first day. I was really overwhelmed by how many girls there was. Only to learn that it was only half of my freshman class. Before high school, I never changed classes before. In high school, we switched classes and I was not used to having new people in every single class. Freshman year through junior year I was just going through the motions. I would go to my
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