Importance Of Standardization In India

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- Priyanka Khare

“Standardization is intrinsic to life and we see its many manifestations in nature and life around us.”

Standard in a lay-man’s language means a level of quality or attainment; or something which is used as a measure, norm or model in comparative evaluations. India, with becoming one of the developing economy is trying its level best in improving the standard of goods and services of the goods produced in India so that the people can enjoy the quality with quantity. As rightly said by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, the policy of “MAKE IN INDIA” will not only make India self-sufficient but would also transform Indian into a Global Manufacturing Hub. The initiative took by the PM focuses on the development of Twenty-Five recognized sectors of the economy . With the development of these sectors the government also focuses on maintain quality standards of the goods manufactured reducing risks to its consumers and to the environment. The consumers today are quality conscious, they focus on quality more than that on quantity. Importance of standardizing the products is of utter importance as the make the products safer, reliable and easier to use.
The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a body of National Standards of India engaged in the implementation and preparation of standards, operation of certification schemes both for products and systems, organization and management of testing laboratories,
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