Importance Of Steganography

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Steganography is a technique of hiding information in digital media. It has difference from cryptography, which means no one can know about the information existence. But by using steganography technique other person even can’t imagine the existence of information. Joining of cyberspace revolution increase the importance of steganography for people. Steganography is the practice of concealment of message from detection of hidden message. Steganography technique is using an array of secret communication method by which conceal the message from being discovered. Security of information become the fundamental issue nowadays, because of advancement in ICT. So steganography is the best technique to use for security of information or message. Beside…show more content…
In computer network exchange of data is one of the fundamental requirement of human. So therefore security for exchanging of these information is fundamental issues, as unauthorized cannot access the hidden information. Information hiding is the appearing research, which include application such as, watermarking, fingerprints, copyright protection and steganography. Watermarking is a collection of bits, which are inserted on digital image and then it is showing the file’s copyright protection. Fingerprint which is also called Biometric Sensor. Fingerprint is using many places like hospitals, industries, universities etc. The main part of this technique is Fingerprint sensor, which are making the Biometric sensor for detecting the Fingerprint of a human. Steganography is the farther step of cryptography, in which the user cannot think about the existence of secret information being encrypted. By chance if user suspect the existence of information, then no way for user to access the information. 1.1 Problem…show more content…
There are many types of steganography technique for hiding information in multimedia. In steganography technique we have some common approaches like Least Significant Bit (LSB), Masking, Filtering and Transform Technique. LSB technique may be simplest approach for embedding information into image file. As the simplest steganography technique can replace the bits of message directly with least significant bit of a cover image. Least Significant Bit technique is easy to implement. LSB can hide the information in cover image without that human can think about the existence of information. But still the opponent can retrieve the message because of its simplicity. Therefore Secure Information Hiding System (SIHS) is the new technique for hiding secret information and it can also improve the LSB technique. SIHS technique deal with sequence mapping problem by embedding the message in random pixels which have cover the whole

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