Importance Of Stepfamilies

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Personally I am quite worried by the limited support and materials available to helping step-marriages? I mean in a world where there is consistency in the rise of the numbers of stepfamilies, one would expect a lot of alliances involving religious and non-religious bodies towards helping these peculiar family units? The UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) pointed out that nearly one in every ten dependent children live in a stepfamily? The ONS went further to clarify that stepfamilies are couple families where there is at least one stepchild in the household. Under this environment, it may be the natural children of the couple as well as child (ren) from previous relationships. In other words stepfamilies are created when one individual…show more content…
Where a couple come together from previous marital experiences; either or both parties bring along precious child (ren) from previous relationships; and/or experiences in forms of emotional trauma, instabilities, doubts, insecurities, financial troubles, heartaches, etc. All of these are critical to the relationship. Hence it is highly advisable to seek a premarital counselling, advisory and practical help from experts or spiritual counsellors. The issues involved in stepfamilies can be complex and unique; one needs to approach this with some level of skills that can only be earned from experience or an in-depth study or analysis of stepfamilies. There’s a need to get some level of guidance and counselling prior to…show more content…
The couple talked about this afterwards yet for the sake of his daughters’ welfare the couple soon put the experience behind them. However, as the girls got older they became really difficult and constantly annoyed Chloe with rude comments and accusations that she couldn’t cope with having them around. It felt like a nightmare looking forward to each weekend. She and Ted does very long and odd shifts so they barely spend time together during weekdays and nights, the only time they ever get to have quality time together was at the

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