Importance Of Stories In Haroun And The Sea Of Stories

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The Importance of Stories in Haroun and The Sea of Stories “ What 's the use of stories, that aren 't even true?” Haroun asks his father in Chapter 1, on page 22. Stories that aren 't true are very important, especially to characters in Haroun and The Sea of stories by, Salman Rushdie. In the book, Haroun is the son to Rashid, who is a good story teller. He tells stories, that he claims he got “From the great Story Sea,” when he drinks the Story Water and he fills full of stream. Although he 's son, Hanoun doesn 't think his story checks out. The stories are important to characters In Haroun and the Sea of Stories, because they allow people to be known by others, they gives them a job, and they makes them happy. There are many ways for people to acknowledge you, in the book, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, a way people to be well known is by stories. In the book, Rashid is a storyteller making people all over know who he is. Rashid also tells stories for politicians, like Snooty Buttoo.“Rashid told their stories and it makes them politicians appear…show more content…
In Haroun and the Sea of Stories, many of the characters have a job and many of the jobs rely on stories. There are many people in the book that can relates, but here are some examples. Mali, is a character in the story and he has a job that relies on stories. He is a water gardener, he cares for the story streams in the Sea of Stories on Kahani. With the stream of stories, he wouldn 't have a job, making him not in work. Another person that job depends on stories is, Rashid. “ Rashid tells stories for a living,” (Ocean of Notions) with him telling stories this gives him a job from Snooty Buttoo. Who hires him to tell stories at him political rally. This not only gives Rashid a job, but also Snooty Buttoo. Snooty Buttoo is a politician in the Valley of K and he gives Rashid a job by to help him get elected. Rashid would tell his stripes at his rally and it would make Snooty Buttoo sound like a good guy, even if he
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