Importance Of Storytelling In Design

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Storytelling in Design Introduction Storytelling played a significant role in building up our society and communities. It is as old as human race. Great Kings, Monks, warriors and Gods came to life in our minds through listening to stories. In ancient time people traveled to many places and share stories they knew along with the co-travelers, these stories creates chain reaction and travels all places it could reach. Even Jesus, Mohmed and Buddha preached people through storytelling. (Parkinson 2001) Stories engage people and emotionally connect and promote to respond to it and it is one of the best ways to share information. User experience design use storytelling to gather information and capture human emotions during their creation. Stories make designers to create human centered design, predominantly stories are used in user experience because it starts from the people and the people will use end product. (Whitney Quesenbery & Kevin Brooks 2010) Importance of storytelling in User Experience Design You cannot connect to someone’s emotion in the abstract or from the outside; instead, you must inhabit the user’s perspective and feel what that person feels (Brown 2009 p.4). Stories work as an experience blueprint for design. Stories play a great role in user experience design process. It sequences the action and location of different happenings. This elaborates the behavior, attitude and emotion during specific event. Story narration can have context of action and
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