Importance Of Strategic Organizational Development

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Strategic Organizational Development Organization is a group of people with a common goal. Each organization has a vision, mission, values, and strategy. All these elements determine organizational structure which defines the way an organization works in order to implement the strategy to achieve the mission. Organizational structure determines hierarchy, the way the power and authorities are distributed; roles and responsibilities are assigned; processes are controlled and coordinated; communication and information flow; resources and knowledge are shared; the way decisions are taken. Organizational structure alters and adjusts according to the company 's goals and strategy in order to maximize performance effectiveness. Organizational culture is a significant aspect influencing the structure. Organizational culture is the way things must be done in the company. It influences many processes, therefore, the structure must be compatible with the culture otherwise it might lead to the conflicts. The role of HR is essential in structure implementation and development it may also influence the structure by giving recommendations as per adjustment in order to align better with company culture, goals, and strategies. Organizational culture guides employees on their actions, interactions, decision making; helps them understand the world around them and the way to behave (Janicijivic 2011:72). Culture develops through mutual experiences and is accepted by employees as the

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