Importance Of Strategic Planning In Nursing

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CONCEPT 3: THE RELEVANCE OF STRATEGIC PLANNING IN NURSING PRACTICE This concept is taken from Block 2, Module 3 which is entitled as ‘Elements and Process of Administration-1’. Strategy can be defined as plan of action designed to accomplish or fulfill a certain task. Planning is the act of making course of action or formulating plans. Margaret Rouse defined Strategic planning as a review and planning process that is undertaken to make thoughtful decisions about an organization’s future in order to ensure its success. 3.1 Personal context Strategic planning is an important planning process that is of great help to the organization. Strategic planning involves developing a great future or vision for an organization then turning the visions to…show more content…
Nurse administrators who apply this process in their organization or institution often achieve great outcomes. According to Drenkard,k (2012) “ A strategic plan for nursing is not a panacea for all the tremendous pressures and challenges nurse leaders face today, but strategy can push us to dream bigger and reach higher as a profession. Strategic direction can integrate all parts of the care team, help to align scare resources toward a common vision, can drive innovation, and can build excitement as milestones are met and positive change occur. It moves us from reactive response to proactive high performance as nurses, and that is a preferred state that our patients expect” (p.243). With strategic planning, the nurse administrator or the nurse leaders can develop or plan long-term and aspire big instead of depending or focusing on the immediate needs. Planning effectively for long-term can help the health care organization and nursing staff to meet the changing needs of the patients and tackle issues or daily challenges of the profession. During strategic planning the leaders plan effectively on the suitable resources for the organization and how to appropriately manage them to yield great outcomes, discuss with the nursing staff to address the issues facing the organization and work on the weaknesses of the…show more content…
A goal is a result that one is attempting or trying to accomplish. Measurable goals are of great help to an organization because managers and the employees can easily evaluate the progress and outcomes. • Evaluating progress- This involves assessing the goals to determine if the measures taken to meet the set goals are effective or giving the needed outcomes. When evaluating the progress, you ensure that the proper steps that are selected to accomplish the goals are effective if not, you have to take appropriate steps to suit or meet the goals. • The strategic planning process- This is an important part in an organization. In this process, the employees or staff in all sections of the health care organizations is involved in planning and making decisions. The challenges are identified and solved then ways to improve the services are employed in order to bring great outcomes to the organization. Strategic planning is of great relevance to nursing administration which
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