Essay On My Strengths And Weaknesses

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All individuals possess a set of strengths and weaknesses. Many are developed naturally while others need to be taught. I believe one of my biggest strengths being an extravert, which is characterized by sociability, talkativeness and assertiveness ( These strengths have been apparent to me from a young age and are a positive asset directly related to my communication skills. Having an adult son with a developmental disability has taught me how to effectively communicate for services on his behalf. As a facilitator of support groups for parents who have children on the autism spectrum, it is vital that I am able to connect with them in order to comfort and assist them. By attending conferences and trainings myself, I become more confident in relaying the new information I have learned to my families. One obvious weakness for me is criticism. It’s safe to say…show more content…
The Public Speaking course taught me skills to engage with one person along with how to talk in front of a group of people. Having an outgoing personality is not enough to be able to teach a class. You must also keep your audience involved while trying to make your point and convey the necessary information. This class has been a lifesaver for facilitating support groups. After taking Lifespan Development, I was able to recognize milestones throughout a person’s lifetime. From the early milestones of an infant to the stages of death and dying, I learned how people deal with situations in their own way and to be respectful of them all. Introduction to Sociology pointed out cultural differences and language barriers that families may face when attempting to get services for their child. Obtaining information and advocating in my native language is hard enough, it is hard to imagine having to overcome those barriers
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