Importance Of Strengths In Writing

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During high school, I was regarded as the best English-user. English class was always fun and interesting. I was especially enthusiastic in learning and practicing my writing skills. Writing has always been a personal hobby, and I often spend my free time drafting short stories. I knew I was good at writing as I was often asked to write for the school magazine or website, but I didn’t know what makes me a good writer. Before attending university, I made a commitment to engage in English classes and join writing workshops, so I could refine my writing. I wanted to learn how to write better essays with a wider range of vocabulary and less grammatical errors. I knew this course would help me improve my writing, though I didn 't know much about the learning process and goals. Through this course, I have realized my weaknesses and strength as a writer and learned how to structure and write an academic essay.…show more content…
I was expecting a course that would help me developed all aspects of my English skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Instead, this course focused solely on academic essay. Before attending this course, I did not know much about academic essays. I had only written argumentative essays without any clear structure. Attending this course made me realized I prefer writing articles than writing academic essays. I discovered my weaknesses that although I am good at writing, I often use too complex sentences by adding too many clauses, thus confusing readers. I lack knowledge on academic words, leading to improper use of vocabulary, and grammatical mistakes. My essay structure was very poor, as I failed to develop a coherent thesis, body, and conclusion. However, this course has also helped me to realize my strength as a writer. My writings have good fluency. In addition, I was able to deliver bold and clear
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