Importance Of Stress In Human Life

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Stress is a part of human life. Everybody experiences stress. According to Kalat (2008), stress is “an event or events that are interpreted as threatening to an individual and which elicit physiological and behavioral responses” (as cited in McEwen, 2000, p. 173). However, stress gives different definitions according to certain people. The first person may define stress as when they have a lot of things to do and do not have much time to accomplish it where the other person define stress as being unemployed for long time. Stress appears when people cannot cope with the pressure about something that beyond their expectation. A stressor is defined as any existent or fanciful case, term or input that inspire the oncoming of the person stress reaction…show more content…
The human body needs some stress to react to it. Stress can be positive and making people alert. However, when a person is faces continuous problem without relaxation, this can cause this person overwork and stress related tension is build. It is important to clearly understand the definition of this phenomenon in order to assess the value of stress in human daily life. Failure is not an option in human life. When there is imbalance between the rigors and the demand for the ability to form, this person is completely experiencing a stress. From the definition, it is clear that stress gives important warning signals and provides a positive service. However, stress is viewed as a negative force. It can affect human physical well-being and the worst cause is mental sickness. Human body automatically react when they is experiencing stress. Stress becomes negative when people experiencing continues challenging without have enough time to get rest and relaxes. It is dangerous when stress start to interfere the ability of a person to live a normal life for a long time period, people who is experiencing this might feel fatigue, unable to control anger and cannot focused on his or her

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